Tools & Technologies

C&S Materials carries all of the tools to make sure you can complete your job safely and efficiently. We’ve got everything you need including hand tools, valve & curb keys, line & leak detection, sewer line testing plugs and equipment, PVC pipe glue, cleaner, and lubricants and service line drilling & tapping tools. Give us a call or drop us a line at so we can get you the tools you need at the best price, to get your job done on budget and on time.

Safety Equipment

C&S Materials is proud to be one of the select few distributors of SmartShore – the inflatable trench to help prevent trench collapse. The SmartShore is OSHA compliant to save your employees lives, and you from heavy fines for not being safety compliant with quick trench digs for utility work and repairs. For more information or to schedule a demo of this new safety innovation, give us a call or drop us a line at