Company Founders

Lauren Silva - CEO/Founder

As the mother of twin girls, Lauren knows how to get things done. Her passion for C & S Materials is borne of devotion to bettering American infrastructure while providing career opportunities to underserved populations. Everything she does at C & S Materials is to help support those who work tirelessly in pursuit of improved infrastructure. When not laser-focused on these efforts, Lauren is chasing around her girls or watching reality TV (though never at the same time).

Lauren received her BA from the University of Pittsburgh and an MA in Media & Public Affairs from The George Washington University.

Lindsay Cox - COO/Founder

Lindsay has come a long way from testing water samples in her middle school science class. Taking after her favorite childhood hero Captain Planet, Lindsay has transformed her interest in water quality and concern for the quality of our country’s infrastructure into a leadership position with C & S. Here, she is able to devote her energy to bettering that quality of infrastructure through PVF materials. As she begins her own family, she has found a renewed passion regarding the environmental impact of our society’s infrastructure. Lindsay loves being with family and spends her spare time enjoying new food and beverage trends – and then countering those activities with lots of yoga.

Lindsay received her BA from the University of Pittsburgh.