Industries We Serve

We know your industry and we understand your needs. More than that, we treat our customers as partners and we care about your success. We offer PVF products to a broad range of industries.

Oil and Gas

We offer a wide assortment of PVF products and supplies specifically designed for the oilfield.

Commercial + Mechanical

From football stadiums to museums, we offer the highest quality materials from universally recognized manufacturers at consistent pricing for all of your construction needs.


We are able to procure and make timely deliveries of pipe, valves, and fittings (PVF) for construction and repair of the infrastructure of entire airports and other large-scale facilities.


We supply an extensive line of pipe solutions that meet the strictest government and military specifications and are experts at working through the government bidding process.

Residential Plumbing & Heating

C & S offers the latest, high-quality plumbing supplies and HVAC products to professional builders and homeowners.

Municipal Waterworks

We offer a broad line of innovative solutions across the water, sewer, and sanitation management industry.

Site Utilities

You can count on a superior level of service to meet all of your PVF needs in a timely manner.

Facilities Supply

From refineries to manufacturing facilities, our industrial supply lines offer PVF solutions to help you get the job done quickly and seamlessly.